10 Best Christmas Traditions You Must Start This Year

December starts with the melodious tunes of “Silent Night, Holy Night” and the yummy smelling cakes with the ringing of the bell telling that Christmas is near! Christmas can be very exciting and interesting if we plan to include the traditions in it. Let us do something really awesome by keeping the traditions of families as the topic of celebration and the issue of fun making and enjoying.

Best Christmas Traditions
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Best Christmas Traditions

1. This wonderful idea of spending the time in traditions and family celebration will bring togetherness among all ages and members of the groups. Let us visit the native land where our ancestors were born and had spent their life.

2. Celebrating with the same situation as that done during the birth of Jesus Christ; I have planned to make the drawing room a stable with hay and leaves.

3. We will light the candles around the room and pray to the Lord Jesus Christ in the evening. My mom will be reading a verse in scripture and some lines of the Bible.

4. I always prefer to cook the traditional dish of any religion So on the very occasion of celebrating Christmas I will invite all of my friends, neighbors and relatives to enjoy dinner of traditional style inside the stable. The same kind of soft bread, fruit juices, grape wine, pudding and cake will be offered to everyone.

5. Carols and Hymns: We will sing the famous Christmas Carols- silent night, merry Christmas, Santa clause is coming down and many more. The whole nights we will stay awake and dance with the music and songs of Christmas.

6. Dressing in traditional attire: We will be wearing the same gowns and robes like the ladies traditional wearing style.

7. There will be ornaments of wood and light metals with crafted bangles and earring.

8. We have also planned to plant a Christmas tree beside the one already present, and decorate the tree with the things which are kept as traditions stock like my grandfather’s watch, the silver spoon, and the golden umbrella.

9. The old gifts can be kept in front of the main door so that Santa will come and exchange with the new ones.

10. Bringing home the statue of mother Mary and Lord Jesus has been a wonderful idea to boost tradition and the belief of bonding family together while praying.

Celebration is a real fun and energy giving- make it different with traditions focused.

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