10 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions

Ideal Christmas celebration is to include Lord Jesus Christ in the Traditions. We celebrate Christmas because Lord Jesus was born on this day. So, we should not forget Christ during our Christmas celebration! There are some really simple Christ centered Christmas traditions which you can follow to include Christ is Christmas.

Here are 10 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions You Can Follow:

10 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions
10 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions | img:favim

10 Christ Centered Christmas Traditions

1) Ask kids to dress-up like Christ and take them on walk along the streets on Christmas eve.

2) Feasting with bread rolls, muffins, chocolate cakes, apple pie and puddings will be awesome to feast in the day of Christmas. The family can include the carols and hymns before eating the food and sing Christmas songs all together loudly with music.

3) Celebrate with the kids and children by throwing a Christmas Party where the Christmas carols will be played in the music system and the children will be asked to sing it. Balloons, Pastries along with a Birthday Cake to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ can make everyone feel happy.

4) Reading books of the birth of Jesus Christ and other stories related to Christmas loudly will indulge kids and children to listen with interest along with elders also.

5) Tell who is Santa Clause, the three wise men and other figures related to Christmas as Children are confused about the significance of each one of them. They only know Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and Father Joseph.

6) Cards making with the photos of Santa clause, Christmas tree, balloons, cakes and stars will engage everyone to make the beautiful cards of Christmas.

7) Share the gifts with your friends and relatives. Decorate the Christmas tree with the gifts and distribute gifts to others also.

8) Light up the houses and the trees with candles, bright colored lights and balloon. Decorate your house with sweet smelling flowers and incense sticks.

9) Go to the nearby church and pray to the God asking his blessings.

10) Wear your festive clothes, decorate Christmas farms or Christmas village on the eve of Christmas with everyone.

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