7 Tips For A Good Night Sleep

Sleep is important, without a doubt. It is vital for our health and fitness and of course for our skin too. Researchers have proved that a good night sleep ranging from 8-10 hours helps you look younger and increases your life span. But how to get a good night sleep? Well, here you go!

7 Tips for a good night sleep:

7 Tips For A Good Night Sleep
7 Tips For A Good Night Sleep | source:tumblr

Turn off your device:

Most of us are so addicted to our smartphones and laptop such that we do not want to detach from them even when we are sleeping. You might not be knowing that the digital devices emit blue light which will hinder the sleep pattern. It will not only take away your sleep but will also affect your health. Thus, keep all your digital devices away before your bed.

Make your bed:

Do not study or eat on your bed. It is only meant to sleep. You must be mentally prepared to accept your bed as a bed and not a study place or a dining place. Arrange your pillows and let your bed-sheet be lean. You can also sprinkle some lavender spray to get a good sleep.

Comfortable clothes:

There is a reason why they make night suits. It’s important that you wear light comfortable clothes. Cotton clothes are really good for a good night sleep. So, you can wear a  cotton night suit, cotton nighty, boxer with a tee etc. I personally prefer cotton nighty as it’s light and comfortable. Also, cotton nighty is stylish and pocket-friendly. The style and durability of cotton nighty are very impressive. That’s the best part of cotton night wears like cotton nighty or a night suit, its comfortable and budget-friendly. So you can have varieties.

Exercise during the day:

Yes, you must allow your body to be physically tired so that you get a peaceful sleep. Most of the times we are mentally tired such that we do not get sleep. Try out swimming or some cardio activities so that you sweat out.

Take a shower:

A hot bath shower is the best way to get a night of sleep. If you haven’t tried it out, you must take a bubble bath or an aroma bath. Your body will be relaxed and you will soon feel asleep.

Eat light:

It is suggested that you eat light at night. Your dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. So, make sure your dinner doesn’t include carbs. You can eat sweet dishes though, as eating sweet before sleeping increases your happy mood and you sleep happy.

Sleep in dark:

Many people have the habit of sleeping with a fair amount of light. Their night lamps are so bright that one can read a book. Well, it’s wrong. One should sleep in the dark as it helps you relax and gives proper rest to your eyes.

I really hope all these tips will help you get a good night sleep. Also if you have any good tips for the same, feel free to share via the comments section below!

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