Cheap And Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Friends & Family

Be it inviting some guests over dinner on the diwali eve or visiting your near and dear ones, diwali gifts are essential in any form. We must also prepare as to what we are going to gift to our visitors and friends this diwali. It should be appropriate to the event, that is diwali and also the person receiving it should be benefiting from it too. A small diwali gift will also do. It’s not what you gift, it’s the gesture that counts.

So for my lovely readers, I have some unique and beautiful diwali gift ideas that you can surprise your friends with.

Cheap And Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Friends & Family
Cheap And Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Friends & Family

Let’s see what are the items that can be gifted to our near and dear ones.

Chocolate boxes:

Who doesn’t love chocolate. I am sure just after reading this, those tv commercials of chocolates on diwali eve would have crossed your mind. Well that’s how it should. Buy some exotic and premium chocolates for your friends and relatives.

Dry fruit trays:

If you are looking for a gift for elderly or any of your professional friends, you can always gift them a dry fruit basket or box.

Colorful diyas:

You can also buy rich colourful diyas or some floating diyas and gift it to your friends. They can decorate their houses on the diwali eve and remember you too. You can also buy a peacock diya tray which look very beautiful and elegant.

Door hangings:

You can also gift them some door hangings that they can decorate their houses with on the diwali eve. A grand welcome message attached to the door hanging would be nicer.

Silver bowls:

There is also a tradition of gifting some silver items to your near ones. You can buy a silver plate or bowl and surprise your friends.


Ladies would love to have this. You can buy jewellery too for your lady friends and relatives.


Something in the theme of diwali would be an appropriate diwali cloth gift item. You can buy kurtas for both ladies and gents. Some saree items for the elderly ladies would also be good.


Everyone buys idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi. You can also buy a miniature version of them and gift it to your friends which they can keep at their workplace or at their home desks.


Kids would love this. Why not buy crackers and gift it to them when you pay a surprise visit at their house.

Hope you liked the diwali gift ideas listed above. So, let’s head out and buy these items for our friends and family persons and let them know how special they are and celebrate a memorable diwali with them.

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