Delicious Diwali Special Recipes That Are Easy To Make

Diwali not only means festival of lights but also festival of foods and sweets, (if not, it should be *wink* )
Well in our preparations for diwali the major chunk of our shopping time is dedicated to buying sweets and snacks for the friends and families visiting us during the festive season. Also we need to prepare homemade delicious diwali meals for the day. There are so many (so so soooo many) Diwali special recipes that we can prepare for and surprise our visitors and family folks during the festival.

Diwali Special Recipes
Diwali Special Recipes

I think, Diwali is all about enjoying with family. And having yummy dishes and sweets with family is the best way to enjoy with family. These are the moments to enjoy and cherish. So, in this post I am going to share the list of delicious diwali special recipes. You can pick amongst the list and cook it. I am sure, these yummy diwali special recipes will take the heart away of your family, relatives and friends.
Lets look at some of these mouth watering diwali special recipes:

-Apple gujiya (cooking time: 30 minutes)
-Gulkand gilori (cooking time: 15 minutes)
-Sugarless dates (cooking time: 10 minutes)
-Laddoo (cooking time: 20 minutes)
-Kheer mohan (cooking time: 30 minutes)
-Banana roast (cooking time: 20 minutes)
-Paneer laajawaab (cooking time: 40 minutes)
-Gulab-jamun (cooking time: 30 minutes)
-Chocolate barfi (cooking time: 20 minutes)
-Boondi laddoo (cooking time: 20 minutes)
-Twisted papad (cooking time: 10 minutes)
-Corn capsicum (cooking time: 30 minutes)
-Fruit ice-cream (cooking time: 4 hours)
-Gulkand-peda (cooking time: 30 minutes)
-Kaaju-paneer masala (cooking time: 45 minutes)
-Coconut khoya Laddoo (cooking time: 10 minutes)

And many more… I could not help myself and went to have some of these sumptuous meals just after having listed down these dishes. You may search the recipes on or simply google. I just thought of helping you out in making a handy list.


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