Diamond Bracelet – An Indispensable Accessory For Women

Bracelet is a piece of ornament which is worn by men and women around their wrists. Ancient men as well as modern men are often seen sporting bracelets. In earlier time bracelets were worn by men to ward off evil, however, for modern men it’s all about making a style statement.

Origin and History

The word bracelet traces back its origin from a Greek word “brachile” and an old French word “bracel” which means “of the arm” or “arm-guard”. Earlier, ornaments were not as refined in their look, because they were hand made using not so sophisticated tools. The materials used to make bracelets in earlier times ranged from bones, stones, shells, copper, bronze and other non-precious metals.

Diamond Bracelet

In the present era one can find bracelets made of wide range of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum etc…Studded with precious gemstones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.

Of all, nothing can beat the classic diamond bracelet. It is one such accessory that goes well with formal, casual and ethnic wear. The dazzling diamonds accentuate the delicate wrist of a woman. They are an epitome of modern simplicity and yet have a strong presence.

Here are some designs that you can explore before picking these trinkets for your loved ones or for yourself!

Bangle Design:Bangle designed bracelets are inflexible in nature and these can be simple slip ons or hinged style. Typically these are round or oval in shape, but these days asymmetrical patterns are catching up in trend.

Bangle model diamond bracelets are made of either 18K or 22K solid gold and are engraved with simple designs. Universal designs of flowers, leaves, heart are most common, but what’s trending these days are bangle model bracelets which have some kind of geometrical shape to it and that’s embedded with diamonds and other precious stones. This model is widely loved as it serves a dual purpose of bangle and bracelet.

Chain Link Design:  This design showcases a string of links held together firmly to give it a chain look. The diamonds are secured safely around each link and these are sure to twinkle. Here the links created could be broad and big giving the bracelet a braided look, or it is more closely linked chain model which gives it a delicate touch.

These models come in yellow, white and even rose gold and the purity of gold is maintained at 18K and the diamonds studded are of different carat weights to suit your pocket.

Diamond Charm Design:  Since ages charm bracelets have been loved across all eras. Earlier the charms were worn for protection, and luck. These days people add charm to their bracelets to mark certain milestones in their lives.

These are also made of interlocked precious metal chain, and to few of the links are added the diamond charms which hang flirtatiously and make a tinkling sound.  The length of the chain links can be adjusted based on the size of the wrist. Various shapes and model of the charms are prevalent these days. It could be simple hearts, lock and key, alphabets or even animal figurines.

Dimond Tennis Design:  This design of diamond bracelet was earlier referred to as diamond line bracelet or eternity bracelet because of the diamonds in this design are set in the precious metal like gold or platinum in a straight line. This design gives you an illusion of a string of stars held together beautifully and they gleam at all times.  Teaming this with a beautiful diamond necklace is enough to captivate anyone’s attention.

A famous incident in 1987 during the US open tennis tournament changed the name of this design to tennis bracelet. During a match, a professional player with the name Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet, the game was then paused to look for the bracelet by the officials, while the whole world witnessed this search on national television live!

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