8+ Effective Skin Care Tips For Summer For Oily Skin Type

People having oily skin are really very cautious and wants that summer should arrive late. With summer months starting on such a harsh note, it becomes the key factor for the increase of pimples, acnes, dark spots and uneven skin. The oily skin looks so dull, tanned and patchy….. I just feel like staying back home in front of the AC and not moving out.

8+ Effective Skin Care Tips For Summer For Oily Skin Type
8+ Effective Skin Care Tips For Summer For Oily Skin Type | img src: tumblr

People with oily skin tone should be extra careful in this summer months as the sweat and the heat rays secretes more oil to make you look so oily and dull.

Nowadays there are various natural products of skin care which has oil control formulae in it to tackle the secretion of oil. The best way of tackling with the secretion of extra oils in the summer months can be to adopt ways or tactics to control the sweat and oil secretion.

The most effective tip Skin Care Tips For Summer For Oily Skin are listed below. Have a look-Skin Care Tips For Summer For Oily Skin

• Carrying the tissue paper and astringent always in the purse

• Use mint based, aqua based, lemon based, cucumber based shower gel

• Dab some powder to your skin which has menthol or cooling ingredients

• Drink lots of water, nimbu-pani, lassi, butter milk for hydration

• Apply sunscreen of more than 30 SPF

• Eat home-made food• Eat salads and raw fruits

• Apply face mask and face pack of sandalwood powder, multani and gulabjal

• Use masoor dal grinded paste and orange peel paste as face weekly

• Lemon juice and honey applied as paste in the skin will control oil

The above tips are very simple but prove to be very effective to control skin damage, oily patches, sweat accumulation, pimples and acnes in summer.Be sure that you make a regular routine and use the tips to look gorgeous and beautiful even during the hot summer days of April, May and June.And don’t forget pamper your skin and love it. Ciao!

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