Fun Diwali Games For Kids

Diwali celebration must not go without having some kids visit your home and play some fun games with them or have a fun activity. Organize a small party at your home for kids on the diwali eve and you can keep some diwali games for them. It would be very nice if you can get more than 5-6 kids to your party. The kids can also grab some game ideas from here as to what to play on the diwali eve which can be diwali related too and fun activity too.

Fun Diwali Games For Kids
Fun Diwali Games For Kids | image source: DNA India

So I will help you all to decide what games to play on diwali. And this post is specially for kids!

Diwali Games For Kids / Diwali Activities For Kids-

-Video games:

Online or video games which are themed for diwali like Super Sonic Diwali Fun or Sparkles.

-Diwali crossword:

You can download some diwali crossword from the internet or get it from the market.

-Lighting diyas:

Gather upto 5 to 6 children and organize a competition among them as to who lights the most number of diyas without dripping the oil or so.

-Card coloring:

Buy some card paper from the market and ask the kids to decorate them with the best creativity that they can show on the cards. The winner can be rewarded with chocolates or bag full of crackers.

-Rangoli competition:

Girls would enjoy this more than boys. Organize a rangoli contest and see the kids making sure creative rangolis.

-Fancy dress:

You can ask your neighbouring kids to come in a fancy dress and lets see who wins the fancy dress competition.

-Diwali quiz:

Have a quiz session and let kids solve the mysteries and answer the questions. You can ask questions based on diwali and why it is celebrated or related things. This way you can also educate them.

There can be many more fun diwali activities for kids that can be organized for kids’ party on the festive eve. Lets share them and make this diwali eve a fun-filled one.

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