How To Host a Traditional Christmas Dinner?

How To Host a Traditional Christmas Dinner?
A traditional Christmas dinner can be so amusing and entertaining if included some of the flavor of Jerusalem in the Christian era!
“Christmas” as we all know is the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ who has taught us the lesson of love, share and care. The basis necessity of any life is food. “Food” is aid to be the best gift of God.
 How To Host a Traditional Christmas Dinner-
How To Host a Traditional Christmas Dinner?
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The first thing I will do is to renovate the whole space in my drawing room with the decorative materials of Christmas. A big Golden candle will be placed on the middle of my dining table. A very elegant styled flower-vase with seasonal flowers will be placed in the center table. The Christmas tree will be lighted up with tunic bulbs, stars and golden caps. I along with my family members will be dressed in the traditional styles to match the occasion. I will be wearing a light pink colored designer satin fabric gown and a silver necklace.
The dishes to be served will all be made of leaves where everyone will be sitting together. The first thing will be to pray to the Almighty Lord with a short prayer. Then starting will be done by the grape juice extracted pure wine, tomato and mushroom soups and sweet homemade fruit muffins.
Coming up to the main food items, I will cook the bread stuffed with vegetables, cheese and peanut butter. The fruit salad will be dressed with toppings of cherries, olives and cream. Muffins and cookies will add up the sweet taste.
There will also be various kinds of non-veg dishes to match the need of non- veg lovers. Boneless chicken Manchurian with biryani and yoghurt is a very favorable item.
Deserts like ice creams, sweets, fruits and puddings will be served in the traditional style. There will be no buffet system, but everyone will sit around together. Gossiping, singing and telling stories along with eating food will bring total enjoyment in the evening of Christmas.

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