Discover How To Select A Saree For Your Figure?

One of the most elegant and comfortable attires from the Indian collection is the saree. Selecting the right saree can help you manifest beauty and put you in the spotlight. The right saree can transform your look and also take care of any flaws on your body that you are not comfortable with.

For you to select the right one, you must put into consideration a lot of factors including color, fabric, embroidery, style and body type. Though sarees are ideal for different body types, considering how you look is a crucial factor in getting a suitable saree. You should consider your body shape and your height to get the right one.

Discover How To Select A Saree For Your Figure?
Discover How To Select A Saree For Your Figure?

Today, we will focus on how each category of body types can get an ideal saree. This is to reduce the confusion for many ladies who are struggling with finding a suitable saree for their figures. Body shapes are different and understanding yours is the key to killing that look. Find out more!

The pear-shaped body

Do you have a heavy lower body and slimmer upper body? You fall in the category of the pear-shaped body. Such ladies have wide thighs and hips and small shoulder and chest. It is a figure that many ladies admire.
If you are in this category, you can choose an ideal saree by balancing the lower and upper body with the right fabrics. Choose fabrics such as chiffon or georgette. You can also accentuate your curves by selecting sarees that come in vibrant colors.

You should also ensure that your body appears proportionate by draping your saree in the Seedha pallu style. The right accessory can also help you balance your body shape. Since your upper body part is smaller than the lower part, wear a heavy necklace so that you draw more attention to the upper part.

Heavy accessories also blend well with plain sarees or those that contain minimal embroidery. You can also choose sarees that come with small prints so that people can focus on your curves more than the prints of your saree.

Apple-shaped body

Are you blessed with a big bust? A combination of this and a heavy stomach forms the apple shaped body. The volume is focused on the middle of the body and not upper or lower parts. It is a tricky shape when it comes to choosing other types of outfits. You can, however, find a saree that fits this body shape perfectly.

You should opt for silk sarees as opposed to other fabrics like net sarees. Silk sarees look beautiful on such ladies. Try to drape your saree in a simple style such as the Ulta pallu style. You can also conceal problematic areas such as a heavy stomach with a long blouse. As you drape your saree, ensure that you tie it a bit high so that your waist does not show.

Pay attention to the blouse that you choose as you ensure that it is not too tight nor loose. You should also go for neutral colors. Feel free to select the ones with dashing embroidery work since they are attention grabbers. You can even wear a half saree and use simple tricks to help you look slimmer in it. Stick to minimal accessories due to a heavy bust.

Discover How To Select A Saree For Your Figure?
Discover How To Select A Saree For Your Figure? | img src:

The plump body

Are you a plus-sized lady, confident with your body? Feel free to wear light-weight sarees such as georgette, crepe, and chiffon. These fabrics do not only give you an enticing look, but they also increase your comfort level since they don’t add additional weight on you. They also remain close to your body meaning you can look slimmer in them. Try to avoid stiff fabrics such as cotton. You can also choose sarees that contain some bead or embroidery work. The color and border of your saree are also essential. Ensure that you choose dark-colored sarees with light borders.

Dark colors tend to minimize body flaws and make you look slimmer in a saree. Ensure that your saree also has a good fall. Choose blouses that feature full sleeves to conceal any flab on your hand. A collared blouse can also hide additional fat on the neck.

Discover How To Select A Saree For Your Figure?
Sonakshi Sinha In Saree | img: pinterest

Slim bodies

Most ladies who tend to be slim have a rectangular shape. If you fall into this category, you can go for heavy sarees that accentuate your figure. You can choose fabrics such as Tussar, brocade or silk. A rectangular body refers to a lady who does not have a lot of curves. In this case, select sarees with a lot of embroidery work and big prints in different colors.

Feel free to wear a sleeveless or backless blouse with a saree. You can also look elegant in a tube blouse or one that has a halter neck. A white saree would also look amazing on your body type.

Tall ladies

If you are blessed with height, you should take measurements to get the right saree that complements your height. The ideal saree for tall ladies is the Kanjeevaram type because of its length. Draping such a saree is also easy. You can also choose silk sarees that feature heavy borders.

Feel free to match it with a bangle and necklace to harmonize your look. Accessories also capture the attention of people and look good on a tall neck and long arms.

Discover How To Select A Saree For Your Figure?
Sushmita Sen In Saree | img src:

Short ladies

For a short lady, you can still look beautiful in the right saree. Experiment on chiffon and georgette sarees and pair them with bare-back tops. Choose sarees that contain some embroidery. If you prefer the silk material ensure that your saree features a narrow border.

Avoid plaiting your sarees a lot since this can make you appear shorter since it divides your shape into small parts. If you desire to look taller, choose sarees that come with vertical lines.

Discover How To Select A Saree For Your Figure?
Rani Mukherjee In Saree | img src: pinterest

Final thoughts

The body shapes of ladies differ and accepting yours can help you choose the right outfits. You should select the fabric and color of a saree as per your body shape. If you are still confused about what suits your figure best, visit Stylecaret and get proper guidance in saree selection.

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