Pure Roots Moisturizing Cold Cream With Kokum Butter Review

Here I come with my new product review on Pure roots moisturizing cold cream (with kokum butter & apricot) winters are about to go but still I can feel the chill and dryness in the weather. Well I haven’t tried PURE ROOTS before; I bought this cold crème only because of the ingredients listed. Kokum and apricot are the two elements which provide extra nourishment and oil to your dull and dried skin. People having normal to dry combination are always recommended to buy such butter crèmes especially for winters.

Pure Roots Moisturizing Cold Cream With Kokum Butter Review
Pure Roots Moisturizing Cold Cream With Kokum Butter Review

What it claims?

Pure Roots moisturizing cold cream provides intensive moisturizing skin care in winters. A light and quick liquefying cold cream, enriched with natural oils and butter. It penetrates fast into your skin making it soft and youthful.

What I felt?

It is a usual cold crème, but provides intense moisture and shine to dead and dull skin. I felt it perfect for the winter but I doubt that it won’t work for me in any other season. If you have super dry skin you can go for this. It is enriched with excellent elements like kokum. I felt it little sticky and oily. To be frank you can get better options other than this. This crème do not contain spf which means you need to apply sunscreen with this, which again makes your skin more sticky and oily.

Price: INR 180 for 100gms (You can also get a travel pack at some places)


• Affordable
• Intense moisturizing
• Travel friendly
• Provides shine and smooth skin


• Sticky
• Not for oily skin
• Availability

Rating: 3.5/5

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