What Makes Nani And Nagarjuna’s Pair Work In Devadas?

Two of the most charming actors in Telugu cinema, Nagarjuna and Nani finally collaborated for the first in Devadas. For this reason itself, many would watch this movie again and again. But the question is how exactly does the pair work in the film? That’s exactly what this article shall be delving into.

The Fresh Combination

As stated before, the combination of Nagarjuna and Nani has never been seen together on-screen. But the pairing works like a charm in Devadas. Just like their names used to describe the actors, ‘King’ Nagarjuna unleashes the aura and charm of a king and ‘Natural Star’ Nani aces his earnest performance as an innocent doctor in Devadas. Particularly, Nagarjuna’s character Deva has many grey shades to it for most of the movie. But the way his character transforms from a cold-hearted gangster to a more humane character is a treat to watch.

What Makes Nani And Nagarjuna's Pair Work In Devadas?
What Makes Nani And Nagarjuna’s Pair Work In Devadas?

Playing to their Strengths

Currently, many actors are looking to experiment with different roles in every film industry. While some experiments succeed, many do not. Both Nani and Nagarjuna have had their own share of experimental roles themselves. But then, in Devadas, they stick to playing characters audiences have liked them in the past and the gamble works. The reason is the clash of characterizations and the funny yet endearing chemistry between their characters. So that way, fans of both stars are in a familiar and comfortable space that still feels fresh.

Self Referential Humour

The movie is riddled with references to past Nani and Nagarjuna’s movies with many references taking place in conversations between the two stars. It is these scenes that leave the audiences smiling at the smart use of movie mentions.

For example, in one scene, Nani’s character Das explains Nagarjuna’s character Deva’s what love is like. That’s when Deva replies by saying, “Are you explaining what love is to Manmadhudu?” (Roughly translating to ‘Cupid’, Manmadhudu is also the name of Nagarjuna’s superhit movie from the early 2000s.).

In another scene, Deva and Das are at a roadside eatery when Das starts singing the song ‘Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu’. (The song is from Nagarjuna’s 1996 hit movie Ninne Pelladutha and also served as inspiration for the name of Nani’s 2012 hit film).

While the above-listed points are the biggest highlights of the Nani and Nagarjuna pairing in Devadas, there are many other aspects that really work in favour of the movie. So, if you want to spend time watching a good Telugu comedy with great actors, Devadas should be on your watch-list. With the movie available for streaming on ZEE5, you can now catch the movie anytime at your convenience.

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