11 Winter Skin Care Tips For All Skin Types -Herbal & Safe

When these high end skincare brands didn’t exist, the women of the past still looked flawless which tells us that we don’t need to break our bank to do justice to your skin. Serums, facial oils have only seen the light of the day a couple years back since earlier people resorted to natural ingredients for skincare. Home Remedies are always a good idea to protect your skin. I prefer either home remedies or herbal/ayurvedic products for my skin. It is very important to follow winter skin care tips that people tell you especially your mom or grand ma. Though, there are so many people suggesting so many things, here are some of the best skin care tips for winter.

11 Winter Skin Care Tips For All Skin Types -Herbal & Safe
11 Winter Skin Care Tips For All Skin Types -Herbal & Safe | img-src:weheartit

So today I’m going to share with you all the best winter skin care tips that I’ve been told by my grandma which work like a charm.

  • Moisturize First- The first thing you should do after getting out of a shower is to moisturize your face without forgetting your hands and legs.
  • Sugar for exfoliation-In winters you skin still needs exfoliation and sugar works great without being too harsh on your skin. Just mix it with a few drops of lemon juice and get exfoliating.
  • Olive Oil for supple skin-A few drops of olive oil in your bath water will not only moisturize your skin but keep it soft all day long.
  • Raw Potato for clearer skin-Just grate a potato and extract the juice out of it. Now apply this juice under your eyes or on any pigmented areas to get flawless skin. You can also keep a sloce of potato on your eyes to lose puffiness.
  • Plump lips with cinnamon-Get plump lips by applying a mixture of cinnamon and coconut oil and leaving it on for a couple minutes. This will get the blood flowing and give you luscious lips.
  • Coconut Oil, a beauty must-have-Coconut oil is an extremely versatile product which can be used as a makeup remover, a hair oil, a night cream,
  • Beauty Sleep on Silk Pillowcase-Cotton pillowcases are very harsh on your face and hair while sleeping on a silk pillowcase will wake you up with soft skin and manageable hair.
  • Stay Hydrated-In winters we often miss out on the ‘8 glasses of water a day’ rule which makes your skin looking lifeless and dull. So make sure you stay hydrated one way or another.
  • Lukewarm water for baths-Using extra hot water for baths will strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it very dry. So use lukewarm to hot water for baths.
  • Aloe Vera for skin and hair-Aloe Vera is an amazing beauty ingredient to seal in the moisture for your hair as well as your skin.
  • Vinegar for shiny hair-After shampooing and conditioning, using a mixture of water and vinegar as a final rinse for your hair will leave you with shinier, healthier looking hair.

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