Yummy Diwali Sweet Recipes That Are Easy To Cook

With the older of sharing some of the diwali recipe ideas, I will now drill down to listing some of the recipes by their category. We all love to immerse our tastebuds with those incontrollable and mouth watering sweets that are prepared either at home or in the market. One simply cannot avoid to have sweets if they are well served. Well, with Diwali approaching, so is the season of sweets preparation and distribution.

During Diwali we visit our friends, relatives and neighbors and gift them some diwali gifts along with sweets. Some prefer to buy from the shops while some of us prefer to prepare them at home only. I too love making dishes at home. So let’s list down some of the sweet diwali recipes that can be prepared at home too.

Diwali Sweet Recipe
Diwali Sweet Recipe | image source: google

Yummy Diwali Sweet Recipes:

Gulab Jamun

Prepared from milk powder or cottage cheese along with yogurt sugar and water. It’s the most loved of all the Indian sweets and easily prepared. You can also get readymade available from the shops.

Paneer barfi

Prepared simply with cottage cheese, milk and cream you can also add dry fruits to it to give it a royal taste and treat your visitors.

Jaggery rice

As the name suggests and so easy also it is to prepare jaggery rice. Its also called as Gud wale chawal and can be easily prepared with hot jaggery paste and steamed rice.


Coconut, besan, motichoor, boondi, dry fruits – there are so many varieties of them that can be just slipped through the mouth and you won’t even realize when they gel in their taste in your tastebuds.


Kheer is prepared with milk and rice and is a quick and easy recipe which can be had after meals. You don’t need much cooking skills to prepare kheer. Just add saffron or dry fruits t give that extra flavor and color.

Halwas or puddings

There are many varieties of halwas too that you can prepare at home. To list down a few, there is badam, suji, rava, carrot, bottleguard and so many. It is also one of the most loved dishes and is served hot. It is also very much prepared during winter season too.


Cupcakes are dishes that you can really show your creative side too. You can make nice funky looking cupcakes like cookie dough cupcake, chocolate cupcakes, carrot cupcakes, pumpkin cupcakes, fruity cupcakes, popcorn and many more. They really look cute and you can also decorate them with colorful toppings.

I hope you enjoyed reading the list of diwali sweet recipes. Get in your cooking apron and start making them for the upcoming diwali celebrations. Share pics with me too if you make one.

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